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JouleBug is the easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play. Learn more about how the app works.

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Buzz Whenever you do something sustainable.

Earn points to compete in Challenges, or play your friends.

Join Communities to learn the latest on sustainability near you.

Earn Achievements for discovering new ways to go green.

Lots of apps do well; JouleBug does good.

We started JouleBug to make sustainable living social, simple, and actually fun. We hand-picked the best parts of mobile gaming, social media, and educational tools and rolled them all into a giant burrito of wonderment and awesome that’s free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

What sets us apart? We’re mobile, we’re playful, and we connect to your utility account so you can watch your savings soar as your bills shrink.

By competing with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you lower energy bills and reduce waste by playing your environmental part. When whole communities start using JouleBug? That’s when we start saving some serious planet.

That’s our inspiration.

That’s JouleBug.

Create a JouleBug Community for your organization.

Encourage your employees, students or citizens to save electricity, water, paper and more. It’s free to get started.

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