JouleBug has hundreds of everyday real world sustainable activities.  Each Pin is a fun and informative achievement you can earn for a specific sustainable activity. Each Pin has photos, videos, statistics, fun facts and more about the benefits of its activity.


You earn points with every Buzz in JouleBug. We’ve analyzed hundreds of actions so that the amount of Points you earn correlates to the relative economic, environmental, and social impact of each action.


See what your friends are up to and learn new activities. Get inspired by what your friends and neighbors are doing, or show off some stories of your own.


Track your progress in your profile. See your career points, view your trophy case, or browse your history.


Whenever you do something sustainable, we make it easy to log and even easier to create an interesting sustainable story to share.  Your story begins with a Buzz.  After each Buzz, JouleBug will award you points and you’ll make progress towards earning Pins and then Badges.


Badges are an extra Achievements you can earn as you become more sustainable. Think of them as miniature quests for expertise in tons of categories of sustainability.


A little friendly competition can make anything more fun. Compete with your friends and neighbors to see who’s the most sustainable. Join contests to earn prizes.


Communities are ways to interact with people nearby and get tailor-made information about local sustainability initiatives. See what your neighbors are up to in the Feed, or create a local Contest. Interested in your own Community? Get in touch with us.