Engage your Employees this Earth Day

JouleBug is a fun app to empower your employees to make an impact. Now more than ever we need to let the world know how much we cherish our clean air and water and demonstrate our commitment to using energy wisely.


Share Your Savings

We take the edge off by getting folks back to grandma’s basics … uniting everyone around taking care of our precious resources.

Show You Care

…about more than just the bottom line, about your employees, the community, and the planet.

Engage Community

Bring co-workers everywhere together to create a positive and engaging culture. An app in the palm of every employee’s hand makes it easy!

Relatable Message

We meet everyone where they are to ensure Challenges are educational, impactful, and most importantly, fun.

“JouleBug’s Challenge brought our employees together, enabling interaction between areas that never interact with each other otherwise.”

Erica Kose

HR Manager, KPIT

How It Works

Getting your community fired up about sustainability with JouleBug is easy with these simple steps.

1. Create Challenges

Nothing gets people motivated like a JouleBug Challenge! JouleBug makes it easy to set up a Challenge and customize it so it engages everyone.

2. Log Actions

Users record sustainable actions in the app as they do them. These actions earn points and achievements, and users make a positive impact on themselves and their communities!

3. See the Impact

At the end of the Challenge, everyone can see the collective impact earned through competition. Plus, the new behaviors picked up by Challenge members stick around long after it’s ended.

Know your impact with analytics

JouleBug’s easy to use Dashboard puts you in control. Monitor how well your Challenge is performing, track your impact, and empower organization’s environmental leaders.

Challenge themes to fit your initiative

Your Look, Your App

Show the world and your community you care! Put an app customized to your brand in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Invite only your people or expand your network to include friends, family, and suppliers and get everyone engaged!

Single Challenge Pricing

Bulk pricing available