JouleBug Subscriptions

Want to change the world? Us too. JouleBug Subscriptions are the best way to get your community on board and fired up about sustainability, all year long.

Unlimited Challenges

Create your own or choose from one of our many templates and GO! Anytime.

Targeted Action

Customize your Challenge focus to fit your initiatives.


Get the word out! Reach your community with ease.


Stay on top of your community with analytics on usage and impact.

Your Look, Your App

Show the world and your community that you care! Put an app customized to your brand in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Invite only your people or expand your network to include friends, family, and suppliers and get everyone engaged!

“Doing things every day as part of a Challenge for 9 days, really kind of ingrains it in your mind and makes it stick with you.”

Tim Weinmann

Student, Colorado State University

Know your impact with analytics

JouleBug’s easy-to-use Dashboard puts you in control. Monitor how well your Challenge is performing, track your impact, and encourage your organization’s best leaders.

Find the right JouleBug package for your organization.

Trial Challenge

Free to get started
  • Full App Access
  • Basic Dashboard Access
  • 7 Day Challenge
  • Up to 10 Members
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Standard Challenge

Simple and Easy
  • Dashboard Access for easy customization and analytics
  • Choose from our many challenge themes
  • Prize support for extra motivation

Premium Subscription

Manage content and users
  • Edit App Content: Add text, cover photos, links, and YouTube videos
  • Easily manage users and user generated content
  • Send custom notifications about your initiative or events

Branded Subscription

Your App
  • Your App in the App Store and Google Play, customized to your name and colors
  • Create Actions unique to your organization and initiatives
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Recognition within the app

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