Boost your school’s sustainability engagement with JouleBug Challenges

JouleBug helps students and faculty make choices that are more Sustainable and better for their school with a fun app that strengthens relationships and increases engagement.

Motivate Top Students

Competing for the top spot or working together to accomplish a goal achieves high motivation.

Show Students You Care

Today’s top students want to attend a school that cares about the world they live in.

Customize to Your Initiatives

Customize your Challenge focus to fit your initiatives. Create Challenges that connect with other departments and sponsors.

Learn how Colorado State in Fort Collins used their own branded version of the JouleBug app to teach their community about sustainability.

“Doing things every day as part of a Challenge for 9 days, really kind of ingrains it in your mind and makes it stick with you.”

Tim Weinmann

Student, Colorado State University

Challenge Themes to Fit your Campus

Earth Week Challenge
Residence Life Challenge
Transportation Challenge
RecyleMania Challenge

“JouleBug was great for my class. It is really important for students to not just talk about the theory, but put it in action and see how it would motivate people to change their behaviors.”

Mary Alice Haddad

Professor of Government, Wesleyan University

Your Look, Your App

Show the world and your community you care! Put an app customized to your brand in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Invite only your people or expand your network to include friends, family, and suppliers and get everyone engaged!