HQ Green Games 2015

Using the JouleBug app, compete in the Challenge to promote sustainability. To play, download the JouleBug app and join the Challenge. Buzz during the Challenge period to rack up points. The person/team with the highest score when time runs out wins!

Download JouleBug for Free

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How to Play:

1. Download

You must have JouleBug to compete, plus it’s a great way to go green.


2. Join

Make sure to officially join the Challenge in the app so your points count.

3. Buzz

Earn points by Buzzing when you do green actions in real-life. The most points before time runs out wins!

Time Remaining:








Challenge Impact




What is a Challenge?

JouleBug Challenges gives your Community a burst of sustainability excitement. These periodic competitions run for a limited time. As competition increases, so does sustainable action. You see more photos, more social interaction, and more user engagement. All of this user generated content demonstrates the new sustainability normal for your Community.