Captain Basics

Some helpful tips to get the most out of your Challenge

1. Get to know the App

Play around in the app. Use the in-app tutorial to get you started, but go ahead and start Buzzing to become more familiar with some of its cool features.

2. Set up your Team

Before the first point is scored, make sure your team has the these three things:

1. Pick a Team name.
2. Give your team a profile pic.
3. Create a Team Headline.

This will be your team’s identity in the app. Make sure it is recognizable, but don’t forget to keep it fun!

3. Recruit your Team

Unless your Challenge rules limit participation to a specific membership, include your friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.  This will help build your team, build a feeling of inclusiveness and camaraderie, encourage those people to download the app, and get them started documenting their sustainable actions.

4. Encourage your Team

This includes doing things like sending encouraging emails or Facebook messages, following them in the JouleBug app, Liking and Commenting on their Buzzes, reminding them that they earn more points when they post photos, and organizing group activities that they can earn points for when they Buzz.

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